Confessions Of a Grieving Mother

By Kelly Harris

The worst pain for a mother is to lose a child. But finding joy after that pain is a challenge for most mothers. This book is all about accepting that challenge and finding a life after a life changing tragedy.

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Coming back with grief and depression is the hardest part of life and when you lose a child you go into a deep dilemma of depression. This book is to help you and guide you by sharing the personal experience of the Author, on how you can pick yourself up as a mother when you are defeated vigorously. 

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Kelly Harris is a writer and mother to six children, five in heaven and one on earth. She wrote this book so that the memory of her son Casen will live on in the hearts of those struggling with infant loss, grief, unforgiveness and unexpected tragedy. Her hope is to let the legacy of Casen show others experiencing grief that it’s not the end and time don’t heal all wounds, but time will teach you how to cope to make it through the day and continue to live a life of purpose. She enjoys spreading the gospel and being an example of strength and cuddles and hugs from her rainbow baby Cavan. Kelly hopes to leave her mark of this world by being a light to those surrounded by darkness.

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Joe Dawn


Amazing Book. Highly Recommended.

Mike Nickle

MBA in English

Our spiritual development as we tend to our inner…

Alisha Mchan

Post Graduation

Inspired by the author’s experiences while living…

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MishaThere is triumph on the other side
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I knew going into this read it would be a heartbreaking story. But nothing prepares you as you read the news that changes Kelly’s life forever. The defect, the hours of surgery as they tick on.

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SMRRiveting Experience
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This book is highly recommended for everyone who has experienced a tragic loss and everyone who walks through a season of loss with a friend or loved one; there is no rule book on how to respond to a tragedy, there are no...
Lena M Hurst
Lena M HurstGreat Work. Thank you for Sharing.
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The LORD always has a plan for our lives. Kelly is sharing and giving her testimony to help all grieving Mothers. From reading her book it is obvious that Kelly relies on God as she shares her journey as a strong...

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CandyceRaw & Transparent Emotion!!
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I have to commend Kelly for sharing such an inspiring testimony of not only her experience but her faith. The honesty that was divulged is beyond brave. I’m in awe of Casen’s (Bubba’s) will and ability to bring so much love...

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Chloe Houck
Chloe HouckExcellent read!!!!
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This book has touched me in a way that I would have never imagined. The author was honest and transparent with her readers, when it came to her experiences and how she coped with them. I strongly recommend this book.
Denisha Modkins
Denisha ModkinsPerfect Title To Match The Genuine, Heartfelt Content
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Confessions of a Grieving Mother shows the entire range of emotions that Kelly Harris goes through in her quest to complete her dream of becoming a mother. Reading about the trying times she...

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